Load Files

Select file by clicking BROWSE and then Load File...

The file extension must be .xlsx

If the loaded file has multiple worksheets, please select the sheet for this comparison then click SELECT WORKSHEET...

Once both files have been loaded with selected worksheet, click NEXT to advance to next step.



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Choose Comparison Data

Please select the comparison criteria from each drop down list by clicking on an item from the drop down box

If multiple data points are needed for comparison, click ADD NEW ROW, to add additional critieria.

For optimal results select the unique identifer such as social number or employee first.

Once all criteria has been selected, click SAVE CRITERIA and then NEXT to advance to next step.

Row Number File 1 File 2 
1 Delete

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Map Data

Listed below are data points that need mapping

Once mapping is complete, click NEXT to advance to next step.

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Compare Data

Cick COMPARE to compare the two selected files.

Please note all discrepancies found in the below grid. You also have the option to save the report.

Click NEXT to advance to next step.


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Verify Data

Based on the comparison, which discrepancy is correct? Please select file 1, file 2, or enter a value.

If you want to write the corrected data to either File 1 or File 2, CLICK TO CONFIRM VERIFIED DATA must be clicked. If an election

for each discrepancy has been selected as well as an action for the mismatched unique identifer, you will then be able to click either

PRINT VERIFIED DATA BACK TO FILE 1 or PRINT VERIFIED DATA BACK TO FILE 2. The corrected data is written back to a copy of the selected file.

The mismatched unique identifer will only write the selected comparison data points to the file





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